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“William De Temple's considerable business acumen sprang from an entrepreneurial spirit. William understands the issues that have you feeling stuck, whether you're still in a dumb job that you hate, or whether you're struggling to grow your dream business. William will help you get unstuck by sharing with you the knowledge, tools and resources you need in order to build an enterprise as a large as you can dream. Let William De Temple give you the know-how and inspiration you need to chart your pathway to greater business success.”

Les Brown
One of the world's highest paid speakers, consultant to fortune 500 companies, best-selling author.  


“In the last twenty years I have seen William work non-stop at building or expanding new businesses. He is a master at creating the business plan, the working with the people involved to execute it. In the world of finance he knows firms and people all across the country the can invest the money needed for sound business expansion. William's cheerful attitude makes it a pleasure to work with him.”


Erlend Peterson
CRP Author and Financial Advisor

"My company was profitable but just! I knew I could grow it if I could get a capital infusion but no investor would invest due to our low profit margin. William De Temple went through his business analysis and showed me over twenty places where I was bleeding profits. After plugging the holes we quickly went from 2.2% to 14.8% profit. I was then able to raise the 2.4M of capital I needed and our growth ramped up to the high double digits and our profits never fell below 16% again."

Tom Burk
CEO, Advanced Control, Inc.

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